Canadian Jiu-Jitsu Union Summer Camp helps the community of Sicamous BC

During the weekend of August 10-12 2012 the Canadian Jiu-Jitsu Union held its annual summer camp in the community of Sicamous, BC.  For the 5th straight year students from both Alberta and British Columbia descended upon the community for a weekend of high level training and socializing.  

This year 50 students from a variety of dojos and organizations spent 10 hours of training with very experienced instructors such as Michael Seamark Kaiden Shihan, Andy Dobie Sensei, Steven Hiscoe Shihan, Lori O’Connell Sensei, Ari Knazan Sensei, Phillip Wiebe and Guro Joel Huncar.

As always these instructors provided the students with amazing techniques, theories and enthusiasm. Each instructor brought a different style to the weekend.  Since there was some additional time left I also asked Sean Grimes Sensei and Dan Miller.

Although there was a lot of great training the most impressive portion of the weekend was the donation presented to the Eagle Valley Community Support Society.  This year the community of Sicamous was hit hard by floods.  Many people and businesses were directly affected by the disaster.  The CJU students wanted to do something to help a community which for the past 4 years has welcomed us to the community.  The group was able to raise $1500.00 for the society.

The representative from the EVCSS was blown away by the amount of the donation.  Thank you to everyone who supported this fundraising effort.



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