What positive effects have martial arts had on your life?

What positive effects have martial arts had on your life?

Confidence. The most positive effect martial arts have had on my life is confidence. The confidence I have in myself has helped me to achieve and be successful in many aspects of my life. I started martial arts training at a young age and have had the opportunity to do many things in my life.

I was a black belt at 14 years old, joined the Canadian Forces Reserve at 17, student council president in my graduation year, joined the RCMP at 20 years old and move across the country at 21. Started my own jiu-jitsu school at 24 years old and a provincial jiu-jitsu association in my late 20’s. I was also the first person in BC to host a multi discipline training camp and sport jiu-jitsu tournament. I have traveled across BC demonstrating and teaching jiu-jitsu and have traveled to the US, England and Japan.

In my policing career I have been a general duty officer, traffic officer, drug investigator, property crimes investigator, training officer, media liaison officer, and volunteer coordinator. When transferred to the provincial training academy I assisted in developing and implementing the first mandatory recertification course in the country. I was also a member of the national core-working group that redesigned use of force training and articulation for all RCMP members in Canada. Most recently I was given the task of rolling out carbine training for front line officers in BC. I have been in acting Sgt and S/Sgt position in charge of up to 30 people. I have had a great 26-year career.

Kids who grow up with self-confidence are not bullied, have an easier time making friend and are not afraid to try new things. Confidence, this is positive effect martial arts training has had on my life.

What positive effects have martial arts had on your life?