What positive effects have martial arts had on your life?

What positive effects have martial arts had on your life?

Confidence. The most positive effect martial arts have had on my life is confidence. The confidence I have in myself has helped me to achieve and be successful in many aspects of my life. I started martial arts training at a young age and have had the opportunity to do many things in my life.

I was a black belt at 14 years old, joined the Canadian Forces Reserve at 17, student council president in my graduation year, joined the RCMP at 20 years old and move across the country at 21. Started my own jiu-jitsu school at 24 years old and a provincial jiu-jitsu association in my late 20’s. I was also the first person in BC to host a multi discipline training camp and sport jiu-jitsu tournament. I have traveled across BC demonstrating and teaching jiu-jitsu and have traveled to the US, England and Japan.

In my policing career I have been a general duty officer, traffic officer, drug investigator, property crimes investigator, training officer, media liaison officer, and volunteer coordinator. When transferred to the provincial training academy I assisted in developing and implementing the first mandatory recertification course in the country. I was also a member of the national core-working group that redesigned use of force training and articulation for all RCMP members in Canada. Most recently I was given the task of rolling out carbine training for front line officers in BC. I have been in acting Sgt and S/Sgt position in charge of up to 30 people. I have had a great 26-year career.

Kids who grow up with self-confidence are not bullied, have an easier time making friend and are not afraid to try new things. Confidence, this is positive effect martial arts training has had on my life.

What positive effects have martial arts had on your life?


Little Samurai Total Awareness Program for Kids

This past September I decided to re-start my kids jiu-jitsu program.  My son had just turned 6 and was expressing his interest in jiu-jitsu and since I had started at that age I figured now was a good time to get going.  I spoke with one of my black belt Sensei Kevin Lintott about his kids program and decided to try it.  The Little Samurai Program is based on “total awareness combined with escape and evade techniques”.  The goal is to help kids identify and respond to potentially dangerous situations, most of which will involve adults.  It is well known that kids are most vulnerable to being abused, molested, abducted by adults, therefore my goal was to devise a syllabus geared around protecting kids.

Our first semester began in September and just finished a few days ago, I must say that the course exceeded my expectations.  The classes are a combination of basic striking skills, escape techniques and awareness.  Although I use role play and scenario extensively at my full time job I had never really used it at jiu-jitsu.  I started using role play with the kids and quickly realized this was the way to go.  The role playing which combines all the elements of the training really assisted the kids in putting all their skills together.

Katie Bartel, a reporter with the Chilliwack Progress, wrote the a great article on the program which has generated some great interest.

I have also received many comments from the parents that this is exactly the type of training they were looking for.  The kids have grown tremendously during the 4 months of training as evident by their increased level of confidence and ability to perform the techniques without really thinking about it.  The class is now progressing from their level 1 course to level 2.  I was so pleased with the success from the first group that I am starting a second group in January.

Hiscoe Jiu-Jitsu Kids Program

I was pretty excited all day as tonight was the first kids class in our kid’s program.  I was expecting about 8 kids to attend and sure enough all eight were there.  It was a manageable number to start with as I had not given a kids class in about 10 years.  I had my assistant Kate there with me who is going to look after classes when I am available.  This will be a good learning experience for her as she approaches her black belt test.  Teaching children is a real art in itself.

I was especially interested to see how my son Matthew was going to do.  He had been asking to do jiu-jitsu for the past year and now the time has come.  He was a little distracted at times but overall did a great job.  I’m sure he did a much better job of his first class then I did with mine 34 years ago.  All the kids appeared to interested and had a good time, the ages ranged from 6-9.

I am happy to be on the mat with the kids again, if you can teach kids you can teach almost anyone.  I am especially happy because I can see the value in spending quality time with my own son, the same way my dad did with me growing up.   The Hiscoe family has been involved in jiu-jitsu since 1975.  The kids program at our dojo ran classes on Friday night and Saturday morning, so on Saturdays we would have a father and son lunch after class.  This was a tradition till the day I left Ottawa for the RCMP Academy.  Even after living in BC for several years I would find myself calling home on Saturdays at lunch time.

It has only been one night but I can envision the possible success for everyone involved.

Hiscoe Jiu-Jitsu starting kids program

Starting in September Hiscoe Jiu-Jitsu (Chilliwack) will begin offering a kids program.  The classes will take place on Fridays from 5-6pm.

I see this as an important step in progression for the dojo and for my family.  My son Matthew has been expressing an interest in jiu-jitsu for some time.  I guess now is the time to get things started.  It probably is the right time as I started training when I was six also.  I see this as a good time to bond with my son and begin creating some common ground.  Growing up my dad was also involved in jiu-jitsu, we taught a kids programs at the dojo we belonged to and got to spend a lot of quality time together.  Still to this day jiu-jitsu is the common ground for all of us.

In my 33 plus years of being in the martial arts I have seen a lot of benefits to children who are involved in martial arts.  Getting a child into a routine of fitness and discipline will stay with them for a lifetime.  I was fortunate to have parents which kept me involved for the long run.  I have been able to merge my martial arts life with my professional career in policing.  I am a full time use of force trainer and supervisor, I have traveled across Canada developing other use of force instructors more specifically in the defensive tactics area.  I am frequently asked to evaluate of DT program for their effectiveness in relation to policing.  I have also made many friends and contacts in both Canada and the US.  I thank my martial arts training for the things I have been able to accomplish in life.

The time is now right for me to try and pass some of the things I have learned to my son and other kids.  My goal is to help them learn how to protect themselves, gain confidence and self esteem.  The classes will focus on basic jiu-jitsu, flexibility and coordination.

If you are interested in enrolling your child please contact me at my email address shiscoe@shaw.ca